Once it is certain that you have to go through with the MPA

or the  Medical Psychological Assessment

 do not wait until the end of the retention period –

  the sooner you start preparing for the MPU the better!

 Take advantage of the retention period, use it wisely

and start with your preparation,

 right now!


The sooner you start getting acquainted with the details of the MPU

 the greater the chance to pass the MPU successfully

 and get your driver’s license back as soon as possible.


 The consulting sessions are carried out

 as individual sessions only.


The time available for the preparation is

 3 months only if the MPU has been imposed during the trial period

otherwise, usually  6  - 12 months


The Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), or the Bun­des­an­stalt für Stra­ßen­we­sen, the authority responsible for road safety, has some information in English.